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Practising Management Consultant

The Practising Management Consultant (PMC) Scheme was established in 2008 to raise the professionalism of the management consulting industry in Singapore.

It is recognized by ESG (Enterprise Singapore) as management consultant for certain grants provided by Singapore Government.

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TetraMap®️ Certification Course

TetraMap®️ (www.TetraMap.com) is a tool developed by Jon Brett and Yoshimi Brett in 1980s. The TetraMap®️ tool has been translated in many languages and implemented in more than 20 countries for leadership coaching and development programs.

Nature’s four elements – Earth, Air, Water and Fire resonate with many cultures and are simple, memorable, and easily understood as representations of the manner in which people interact.

The TetraMap®️ uses the natural elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire as a metaphor to represent our behavior. Even though there are strong contrasts in environments around the world, most people can relate to their own experience of the richness of nature. Like much of what we uncover when we take time to observe, the patterns have been there all the time.

Using Nature as a metaphor makes it easy to start conversations and illustrates examples of effective connections, enabling personal reflection and shared discussions. This helps to create a common language which is easy to remember and use.

TetraMap®️ differentiates itself from other people and organisational development tools in that it can be implemented with other processes, tools and training programmes for leadership and organisational development initiatives.

TetraMap®️ provides a convenient and useful vocabulary as well as a mental model for many façades of human interactions and enterprises.

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Points of You®️

®With Jennifer Lim

Points of You – The Coaching Game®️ (www.Pointsof You.com) is developed by Yaron and Ifrat from Israel. It is a creative tool for Inspiration, Learning and Development. This tool offers everyone an opportunity to:

Pause – How are you today? Take a time out to check in with yourself and see how you’re feeling.

Expand – In every situation, there are countless points of view. The challenge is to observe life/work issues from a different perspective.

Focus – Communicate in an authentic, intimate and non-judgmental manner with employees, co-workers, clients, and most importantly with yourself.

Action – Formulate new insights and define actions for the future.

Tetra Excellence Consulting Pte Ltd uses Points of You®️ in many applications, ranging from coaching to team building, visioning and creativity workshops.

Head down to Jennifer’s website to get more information about Point of You®️.