Tetra Excellence Consulting Pte Ltd offers a wide ranges of programs and services:


Our experience consultant provides Organisation Excellence framework consultancy works to prepare organisation for ISO, Singapore Quality Class and Safety audit and certification process. Our excellence facilitators will consult clients to design and facilitate large group intervention facilitation process (e.g. The World Café, Open Space Technology, Future Search, Appreciative Inquiry etc.) to meet the clients desired outcomes.

HOW TO programs

Under the How to categories, we design and customize down to earth, practical programs to our clients. Some of these programs includes: Methods of Instruction (MOI) and Presentation Skills workshop, Developing Your Leadership Voice™ workshop, Saying No and Get a Yes™ workshop, Basic and Advanced Negotiation workshop.


Our professional Trainers and Coaches provides Coaching, Mentoring & Counselling services to corporate clients and individuals. Our coaches are ACC and PCC qualified by the ICF. Some of the word class professional development programs and tools includes The Leadership Challenge© & LPI©, popular profiling tools like MBTI©, DISC© and SDI©. Tetra Excellence Consulting Pte Ltd is the only company has the Master TetraMap© Facilitator in Asia. The TetraMap© is a versatile tools that can be used improve team performance and reduce conflict in the organisation.


Our team of creative and fun trainers and facilitators provides interactive Innovation workshop includes Works Improvement Teams System (WITS) Tools & Techniques workshop, WITS Leader workshop, WITS Assessor workshop, Team Excellence Symposium (TES) Preparation workshop and IETEX workshop.