Tan Kin Hock

Master of Education (Leadership, Policy, and Change), Monash University- Australia (2010)
Bachelor of Business Administration, National University of Singapore ( 1987)

Associate Facilitator
Tetra Excellence Consulting Pte Ltd

About Tan Kin Hock

Kin Hock is a experience and passionate coach and facilitator. He was with the RSAF for 27 years before his retirement. During his capacity as Comd AFAS, he personally facilitated Team building Team Building/Team Learning, Core Value, and Leadership development lesson for both Advanced Officers’ Course and Tri- Service Warfighters Course (TSWC) students in SAFTI MI. He had taught over 1200 students in his 3 years in SAFTI MI. In his appointment in AFTC, he had taught Coaching and Facilitation modules in AFTC’s Instructional course.

Kin Hock drew his coaching experience most during his 3 command tours. His command appointments made avail ample opportunities to hone his coaching skills. As officially appointed SAF Coach he has been coaching GKS Command and Staff students.

Kin Hock has also been certificated to facilitate SAF’s Command Effectiveness Programme. The primary objective of this programme is to assist newly appointed Commanding Officer to form an effective team and to manage change.

Professional Qualifications

  • Master of Education (Leadership, Policy, and Change), Monash University- Australia (2010)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, National University of Singapore ( 1987)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, Erickson College International (2011)
  • Certificate in Advanced Modules in Learning Science, NIE – NTU (2006)
  • Certified TetraMap® Facilitator – TetraMap® International (New Zealand)
  • Certificate in Business Excellence Assessment (SPRING Singapore)
  • Certified SAF Facilitator for Leadership, Team Building and Facilitation Course
  • Attended Facilitator Leadership Workshop conducted by Facilitators Network Singapore (FNS)