G T Murugaiyen Valluvan

MEd (Leadership, Policy Change), Monash University
GrdDip Organisational Development (IPAM CSC)
Certified International TetraMap® Facilitator
Certified Executive Coach (Australia/Canada)
Certified Learning Styles Facilitator (St. John’s University)
Executive Diploma in Change Management (Swiss Mgmt)
Certificate in Instructional Systems and Design (Murdoch)

Associate Facilitator
Tetra Excellence Consulting Pte Ltd

About G T Murugaiyen Valluvan

M.Vallu had worked in the SAF for more than 27 years and had held several key command, staff and instructional appointments that require him to have deep understanding of the various Airforce and Army Training Systems. The main appointments held in the SAF were Commanding Officer 128 Sqn, Deputy Commander 119 Sqn, Formation Safety Officer Sembawang Airbase, Officer Commanding 124 Sqn, Instructor of 124 Sqn and lastly before his retirement as Commanding Officer Airforce Officers’ Advanced School in SAFTI MI.

M.Vallu was the Chief Operation Officer (COO) for LDR Pte Ltd for the last 5 years where he was actively involved in the development of Leadership Training and managing the development of Level 1 and Level 2 E-Learning coursewares and Mobile Learning Trails.

In the midst of his appointment in the company, M.Vallu used his leave and spare capacity to be a SAF Executive Coach for GKS CSC students for the last 4 years. He also makes time to participate in the SAF Command Effectiveness Programme for newly appointed COs and also for RSAF Officer Commanding (OCEP).

M.Vallu is one of the Executive Coach who had conducted the Advanced Coaching and Facilitation Workshop for GKS CSC students for the last 2 years (2012/2013).

Vallu’s Speciality and Style

M.Vallu has been in an instructional role throughout his military life and thus had coached many SAF personnel under his command to influence them to achieve their potential in the SAF. After the introduction of the GROW model during his 1 year Organisational Learning Course under CLD, he had used the model to coach his staff and also external friends and family.

M.Vallu was also the Lead Facilitator in conducting Basic Coaching and Facilitation workshops for the SAF Officers and Warrant Officers using the GROW model for 1 year (2006/2007). He received very high assessment rating from the SAF Officers

and Warrant Officers throughout the courses for year (averaging 4.5 out of 5.0). He was also a Lead Facilitator for the conduct of OL courses for SAF Officers and Warrant Officers.

Externally, M.Vallu had coached friends and also staff of Manulife Insurance agents. M.Vallu had also coached 100 staff of Info-Comm Technology Authority (ITA), in Oman. This experience was great as he was able to coach the staff, who had strong middle-eastern culture. The ITA staffs were very open during his coaching sessions and they had positive experience with their first introduction to coaching.

He has also coached South Korean Interns who are working in Singapore Companies (2013).

Consultancy Works

As a consultant, M.Vallu was the Project Leader for the Change Management Transformation for DSTA for one and a half years. During that project, DSTA was applauded for coming up with an innovative means for the communication of change management by using a tool proposed by the Team. He led the facilitation of all Management Meetings and also the Staff and Programme Managers sessions.

M.Vallu was also involved in Projects in the Middle East where he was the Project lead for a statutory body of the Oman Government. His work was praised by the Minister who had personally sent him a letter for the support that he had given to the department. During the project, M.Vallu was facilitating all the workshops/seminars for the Senior Management and staff.

M. Vallu had completed a LEVEL 1 and Level 2 Computer Based Training coursewares for MINDEF LEARNET Project as the Deputy Chief Instructional Designer and Project Manager. As the Project Manager he facilitated the timely completion of the project.

M.Vallu was also the Deputy Project Director for the Ministry of Education Project for the development of interactive learning trails for schools. He brought to fruition the delivery of 39 learning trails. Inaddition, he was also the Deputy Project Director for the IDA CFC Project for the Learning on the Move Tool development in which the tool was operationalised.

His coaching and facilitation style in these projects enabled the customer to have high regards of him and were full of praise as to how he managed the projects.