Eugene Quek Yong Seng

University of New South Wales (UNSW)
BBCM Building Construction Management (BBCM) Hons

Associate Facilitator
Tetra Excellence Consulting Pte Ltd

About Eugene Quek Yong Seng

Eugene Quek was a Building Consultant for many years and has done training for countless foreign workers both for main-cons and sub-cons alike. This is required for BCA (Building Construction Authorities) in Singapore and all companies related to the construction industry to attend. He has 2 hats in which he shares, firstly is that of a Quantity Surveyor, and secondly as a Project Manager for site works. He has handled many clients and their safety requirements through the years to enforce safe work ethics whilst on site. He has conducted many tool box meetings and SICs for the workers on site and off.

Outgoing and approachable by nature, he is easy-going and sets all those around him at ease instantly. Charismatic and jovial are some of his attributes that have resulted in his pleasant character. However when it comes to work, he takes on a form of strictness and firmness due to the fact it concerns a person’s well-being and protection while on site.

Currently, Eugene has obtained Acta V5 certification and is a TetraMap® Facilitator under the mentorship of Mr Raymond Yap, whose clients have benefitted and enjoyed the TetraMap® experience.

Professional Qualifications

  • B Building and Construction Management (BBCM) 1999-2005
  • Certified Tetra Map Facilitator (CTF) 2016
  • Certified Acta v5 Facilitator 2016